Yon Ti Jès 2015

Our Annual December Charity Event


Hely, Peanut et moi vous remercions de l’intérêt que vous avez fait montre à notre projet et avons l’avantage de vous faire une brève présentation:

Yon Ti Jès, Un Simple Geste au sens littéral, est une façon pour nous, jeunes, de rendre à la communauté ce que nous avons eu la chance de recevoir.


Nous sélectionnons plusieurs orphelinats et y organisons, le jour de la Noel ou aux environs de cette date, une distribution de cadeaux (jouets, livres instructifs, habits); à noter qu’au cours de cette journée nous donnons à manger aux bénéficiaires et un groupe musical ou un DJ anime pour la joie des enfants.

Ces cadeaux sont en principe collectés au cours de l’année et nous les rassemblons à des points fixes pour ensuite les acheminer chez nous.
L’année dernière, Décembre 2014, nous voulions qu’un nombre important d’enfants bénéficie de ce projet. Avec le concours d’une vingtaine de…

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Yon Ti Jès and A Thousand Smiles

December is right around the corner!
Make sure you do not miss our announcements if you want to get involve.
This is Yon Ti Jes is going to be bigger!

He Said Yes!

Sugar and I want to thank those amazing volunteers who helped us distribute gifts to over 150 children and adolescents this past December in Haiti.

Thank you to A Thousand Smiles for collaborating with us! What an amazing team!

Thank you to Sister Dorisca, Pastor Bellande, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, and Tara for giving us the opportunity to make those wonderful kids smile. Yes, thanks to them, we were able to go to 3 orphanages in 2 days.

Thank you to everyone who brought presents, especially to Flore-Yahna for giving 28 herself.

Thank you to Schneida for the extra help.

Thank you to The Collabo for taking pictures for us at one of our events. Thank you to Akoutisk–these guys had so much fun with the children!

Thank you to Helena’s Treat!

Once again, thank you! Note that even if Yon Ti Jès is our family tradition, it is…

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Questions that one might be afraid to ask about the politico-economical and social relations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic


You may have heard about the recent hostilities between Haiti and Dominican Republic regarding a possibly mass deportation that will occur in the coming days, starting June 16, 2015. However, while following the news and especially the opinions on your Twitter feeds, you may have been a little lost, whether about the terms that are being used or the reasons behind this conflict between the two countries, or even how the commercial relations will be affected.

Having co-presented a research paper last year at Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia and presented it myself in November at that same university, I found it awkward not to share some information I have on this conflict. I would also like to urge the people of Haiti, especially the ones who have access to social media to stop postingbiased opinions.

First and foremost, one should be aware of the fact…

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Let’s Make Memories This Christmas

Helena's Treat

The Yon Ti Jès Project, which literally means a little gesture, was at first a personal project, and it rapidly turned into this big project thanks to the wonderful readers on Helena’s Treat™–the blog. We are so grateful for that!

This year we would like to be able to donate gifts to at least 200 children in need in Haiti, so that is why we are already starting to collect gifts. Like we said last year, we do not want money. We simply want to make some great memories with the kids. Gifts are not everything, but they can make them smile! 🙂

“Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.” “Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.”

If you think that you could be interested in volunteering with us this December, please email us: helenastreat@gmail.com. If we get a decent number of volunteers, we…

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Bwad Chenn from one of its residents’ perspective

My Soul Is Loud

Bois-de-Chêne or Bwad Chenn in Haitian Creole is a waterway which starts in the heights of Pétion-Ville, passes through downtown and discharges itself into the sea, somewhere in the Port-au-Prince bay. When flooding, it spills over the Capital tons of waste that it has carried throughout its route such as grit, plastic materials, polystyrene materials, and tons of cultivable soil torn out of our mountains.

Thirty years ago, that bay (Port-au-Prince, Haiti) was a complete paradise. The water was clean and people were able to see through its beautiful colors. In other words, they were able to admire the ocean floor, its flora and its wildlife, especially the colorful coral reefs. Nowadays, one can only find a polluted water because the population of Cité de Dieu – a bidonville located in the same area- throw their domestic waste either in the waterway or directly in the ocean. In addition, as…

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My Christmas Project

Helena's Treat

I have always loved Christmas.

I was raised by my grandmother… She used to give me so many gifts on Christmas Day. And I loved it! (who wouldn’t?) Some of my favorite Christmas gifts were a Barbie house, a pink sewing machine, a big Barbie convertible car… Dolls? I probably had a dozen–if not more–of them. However, it was not always about the gifts, but the time that we got to spend together. I think that Christmas is a time to love, forgive, and share. Don’t get me wrong! I am not saying that one should only share or forgive when in December, but I hope that you get my point!

"Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas." “Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.”

The fact that a lot of kids are not being able to celebrate at this time of the year–i.e. not being able to…

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